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FAQ – Preparing For Germany


What are the prerequisites for getting to Germany?

Concerning the IGCHE programmes, you have to

  • finish all subjects of your first three years of the bachelor programme and
  • pass the TestDaF examination with 16 points (level 4). Bonn-Rhein-Sieg and Düsseldorf require exactly 4*4 points, otherwise you need a total of 16 points. The latest TestDaF date in order to come to Germany for the classes starting in September (Winter Semester) is in June, with results coming out in July. The latest TestDaF date for the classes starting in March (Summer Semester) is in November, with results coming out in December.

Other prerequisites include

  • valid passport and visa (please note the visa process will take up to 6-8 weeks!)
  • German residence permit,
  • certificate of health insurance,
  • proof of financial support.

This list is not complete. You will get additional information from your German university. For further information on the visa process please have a look at this webpage: German student visa

When shall I start preparing for my stay in Germany?

A year before you go to Germany is a good time to start. Your home university in India will help you with preparations. Please have a look at the website above and prepare for your visa at least half a year before you want to come to Germany.

How do I get a visa and a residence permit?

You have to contact German Consulate General in Chennai. Your Indian university will help you with that.

How can I get health insurance?

You need a travel health insurance for the first 4 to 6 weeks of your stay in Germany. This travel insurance must have a cover amount of 30.000 Euros. After your arrival in Germany you have to take out a German student’s health insurance with a local company. You will obtain addresses of health insurance companies upon your enrollment. German health insurance for students will cost about 70 Euro per month. Please don’t take out private health insurance in your home country for the whole period of your stay in Germany. This kind of insurance cannot be accepted so that you would have to pay cash for medicine, medical treatment and stay in hospital.

Do I have to proof my financial support?

Yes. Every international student must show they have adequate financial resources at their disposal by submitting what is called "proof of financial support”. You or, most likely, your parents will have to certify that you have at least 7908 Euros at your disposal for one year. We recommend contacting the German embassy in India to find out what forms of proof are recognised.

How often can I take TestDaF? Which result counts?

You can take the TestDaF as often as you like (but you have to pay a fee each time). The results do not expire and the best result counts, so you could register for and/or take the next TestDaF before you know the result of the last attempt. But you cannot combine points from different tests to clear the four parts in several attempts. Also, you should listen to the German language teacher's advice on your readyness for TestDaF. Trying again and again just costs money.

Disclaimer: The information in this FAQ has been thoroughly put together and checked for errors. However, we cannot guarantee that information is accurate or up to date. You are advised to contact IGCHE by phone or email before acting upon information given in this FAQ. Anyone using this FAQ and acting on information published on it does so at their own risk.


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