Indo-German Center For Higher Education

Mechatronics / Robotics & Automation

A future-oriented combination of methods and tools of individual engineering disciplines

Mechatronics is still a relatively young, interdisciplinary discipline which combines mechanical engineering, electrical engineering/electronics and computer science. Today, mechatronic systems are an integral part of industry and everyday life; they are used in airbags, CD and DVD players, photocopiers, driving simulators, ABS and industrial robots.

It plays a central role in Industry 4.0, where Germany has a leading international position in the manufacturing industry.

As a study programme, Mechatronics is very similar to Robotics & Automation. It depends on the exact curriculum in India which German degree you can get more easily. We will advice you accordingly.

For information on which German IGCHE universities offer Mechatronics, please have a look at our FAQ on that subject.

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