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First IGCHE Alumni Meeting

1st alumni meeting of the IGCHE at the Westfälische Hochschule: Around 35 graduates and some current students as well as the PSG delegation from Coimbatore were there and had a great time with conversations, memories, lab visits and coffee & cake. The graduates came from all parts of Germany and agreed that the reunion should become a regular event. So do we!







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New to IGCHE: Automobile Engineering

Prof. Dr. Dirk Fröhling, Prof. Dr. S. Neelakrishnan

Prof. Dr. Dirk Fröhling, IGCHE Chairman and Prof. Dr. S. Neelakrishnan, HoD of Automobile Engineering PSG College of Technology (left to right)

In 2023 PSG Institute of Advanced Studies is going to enroll Automobile Engineering students into the IGCHE programme for the first time. We are sure this offer will meet the demands of Indian students since Germany is considered to be the country for Automobile Engineering.

For admission and programme related queries, please visit PSG IAS website.

DHIK and IGCHE merge

Germany's largest consortium of Universities of Applied Sciences for international cooperations DHIK and IGCHE decided to merge. IGCHE will become the Indian pillar of the DHIK consortium, just like CDHAW for China and mdhk for Mexico.

For Indian students, this means more university options in Germany, as the DHIK currently comprises 37 universities. Student exchanges, guest lectures and research collaborations can be expanded and intensified.

The merger was agreed at the IGCHE consortium meeting in May and at the DHIK consortium meeting on June 10th.

DAAD Award Goes to India

Sanchary Biswas receives DAAD prize

The prize of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) goes to IGCHE student Sanchary Biswas from PSG Institute of Advanced Studies / Westphalian University of Applied Sciences.

The award is a sign of special appreciation for foreign students in Germany and intents to make their achievements visible. The award-winning students demonstrate their skills and commitment not only through outstanding academic achievements, but also by promoting more internationality and intercultural understanding at their university. See the pictures and read more about it here (German language).

Cooperation between DHIK and IGCHE confirmed in both consortium meetings

Gratifying news in the first quarter of 2021: DHIK and IGCHE decide to cooperate

A new cooperation has been established with the international consortium DHIK, which is primarily concerned with double degrees in engineering with strong partners in China and Mexico, and the Indo-German network IGCHE, which brings Indian students to Germany for double degrees. Both consortia have voted in favour of this cooperation by a majority in the respective consortium meeting.

A brief portrait of the DHIK:

The double degree program with Tongji University in Shanghai started with its foundation in 2004. Ten years later, the consortium expanded its range of countries to include Mexico and agreed on a double degree program with the university Tecnológico de Monterrey. The focus of the exchange program is on engineering degree programs. The consortium now counts 34 universities from Germany and Switzerland among its members and has already paved the way for more than 2,000 students to earn a double degree.

A brief portrait of the IGCHE:

The Indo-German Center for Higher Education started in 2010 as a cooperation between four German universities and two Indian partners. Eight German and three Indian partners are now involved, jointly offering four engineering degree programs for Indian students and quality-assured semesters abroad for German students. With German Language Centers on site in India, the IGCHE ensures a high level of language proficiency for more than 250 active students.

The chairmen of both consortia, Prof. Fröhling and Prof. Leonhard, are looking forward to a successful and forward-looking cooperation.

Visa Situation for IGCHE Students

It seems most German consulates in India lifted covid-19-related visa appointment restrictions for language course and exchange students.

So for those of you who already passed TestDaF, you should apply for an appointment in the category "Student Exchange Program". You do not need an "aggregate score 90% in 12th Standard" for that anymore. For those of you who intend to do a course at IIK, please select the category "Language course/internship in preparation for a study (course)".

Here is the link for visa appointments:

Select "For National visa application (stay in Schengen is for more than 90 days) submission at the VAC or at the Embassy/Consulate please click here" from there.

Good luck!

Prof. Dr. Dirk Fröhling
IGCHE Chairman

Visa Situation for IGCHE Students

As you know if you are currently applying for a Germany Visa, it is very hard to get an appointment at the consulate, due to the Corona situation. The IGCHE is aware of this, and we have been in contact with the consulates and the embassy since the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, so far we have only received suspensive answers, the special situation of IGCHE students is not recognized.

I have also contacted the Ministry of Economics of North Rhine-Westphalia, and they have drawn the ambassador's attention to the importance of the IGCHE program for the German-Indian economic relations. So far nothing came out of this, but the ministry and we are sticking to it.

We will continue our efforts to bring you to Germany as soon as possible. If we achieve anything, we will let you know immediately. Hope to see you soon!

Best regards, stay save

Prof. Dr. Dirk Fröhling
IGCHE Chairman

New IGCHE Partner: Techno India Group & Sister Nivedita University

Group logo

We are proud to announce our new partnership: Techno India Group and Sister Nivedita University is the first partner university of IGCHE from Eastern India.

Students enrolled in the B.Tech programmes at TIG & SNU in Computer Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering can opt for the Knowledge Collaboration Programmes between IGCHE and TIG & SNU. First 3 years of study will be at TIG Colleges/ SNU and the final year will be at a German University under IGCHE Consortium. On successful completion of the programme at both the Universities, the student will be eligible to receive degree certificate from SNU or MAKAUT (if enrolled in TIG Colleges) and Certificate of Completion from the German University under IGCHE consortium.

We are looking forward to a long and fruitful collaboration.

Cover Story on IGCHE

Cover story on IGCHE in Higher Education Review magazine.


Video Testimonials

We added some video testimonials by our alumni to the website. Take a look at our homepage!

Admission to International Engineering programs open at PSGIAS

Admission to International Engineering programs open at PSGIAS for 2020. Contact or visit

IGCHE representative visits Techno India Group

Following an initial visit by IGCHE Chairman Prof. Dr. Dirk Fröhling to Sister Nivedita University earlier this year, Prof. Dr. Matthias Längrich, IGCHE coordinator for computer science, visits several institutions of Techno India Group: Sister Nivedita University, Techno India Group Public School Siliguri, Siliguri Institute of Technology, Netaji Subhas Engineering College and Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology. Purpose of the visit was to discuss possible student exchange in detail.








IIK Summer School Visit to WHS

Mechanical engineering and mechatronics students from PSG visit Westfälische Hochschule (WHS) on their last day in Germany. They spent a month at IIK Düsseldorf for intensive language training in preparation for their final year in Germany which they are going to start two years from now.


In front of a SLM (Selective Laser Melting) 3D Printer

Halle 1: WHS MakerSpace

WHS MakerSpace

Electron Beam Welding Machine

Best in Class!

Vrajesh Mani Raja, mechanical engineering student from SRM, finished his bachelor degree as best in his class at Hochschule Bochum. Congratulations on this outstanding achievement!

Left to right: Prof. Dr. Joachim Fulst (former IGCHE Coordinator for Mechanical Engineering), Vrajesh Mani Raja, Prof. Dr. Claudia Frohn-Schauf (IGCHE Coordinator for Mechanical Engineering)

Career Day at Westfälische Hochschule

On May 15th, the annual Career Day takes place at Westfälische Hochschule (WHS) in Gelsenkirchen. Over 70 companies present themselves and look for employees. This is a great opportunity for students and graduates to get in contact with leading German firms of all industries.

Impressions from a former Career Day:

In preparation for the Career Day, students get support from WHS in writing resumes, dealing with a job interview etc. For more information, visit the Career Day Homepage.

NRW Goes to India 2019

The "NRW goes to India" delegation journey came to an end in Kolkata at the Bengal Global Business Summit.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-24 um 13.48.51

During this visit to Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata, many contacts and promising agreements could be made by IGCHE.

Sister Nivedita University

Prof. Dr. Dirk Fröhling, Chairman of the Indo-German Center for Higher Education (IGCHE), visits Sister Nivedita University (part of Techno India Group) in Kolkata to discuss about partnering with IGCHE.



NRW Business Seminar

The NRW Business Seminar which took place at Leela Palace and Shangri La Hotel in Bangalore was a great opportunity to meet old and new partners from industry and education. Indian companies like Tata Consultancy Services expand their business in Germany and are looking for highly-skilled employees who feel at home in both cultures. IGCHE students and graduates meet this requirement, so TCS and IGCHE intend to talk about cooperation.

Representatives from the NRW Ministry of Economic Affairs, including Minister Pinkwart, Tata Consultancy Services, NRW.Invest, the German Consul in Bangalore, Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, eco Association of the Internet Industry and IGCHE

Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-24 um 13.48.37

Dr. Sivaperumal, Vel Tech Institute (right), in talk with Alexander Hoß, Ministry of Economic Affairs (left), and Minister Prof. Dr. Pinkwart (back)

NRW Business Seminar in Bangalore

On February 5th there will be a business meeting on digital transformation in Germany. It is organised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitalization and Energy of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and takes place in Bangalore.
There will be a panel discussion with the Minister, industry representatives and IGCHE.

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